founded in 2017, is an artist collective making collaborative artwork and exhibitions that involve emerging artists and institutions in the UK. IKO’s programme consists of physical exhibitions, online projects and art writing, often produced with the participation of other art organisations and individuals. Since beginning, IKO has partnered with SET – a London studio complex with project spaces who act as our exhibition space hosts - and brought together artists from Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London to partake in its programme. In 2018, IKO are expanding partnerships, including working on projects in and out of London and in non-exhibition formats.

The concept of IKO was born from a strong digital, but lack of physical engagement between artists, curators, gallerists and collectors from London and the rest of the UK. This acts as a catalyst and IKO aims to build bridges for standout artists to expand their network beyond arms reach, encouraging a shared approach in developing ideas and practice.

IKO is run by:

Oliver Durcan
Corey Bartle-Sanderson
Steven Gee

contact@itskindof.com / @itskindofhardtoexplain

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