A new London based artist-run organization connecting UK art communities
ITS KIND OF HARD TO EXPLAIN (IKO) is an artist-run non-profit organization built in 2017 by five London-based emerging artists. IKO aims to act as a bridge between London and the UK for excelling emerging artists, art-organisations and curators. IKO will hold a program of London based projects and residencies that aim to bring art-communities and circles together. This program will include showing artists within the IKO team, artists within the local-orbit of the team and will reach out to unknown artist circles to create new networks. Shared brains, shared opportunities, collective growth.

The concept of IKO was conceived, based on what was felt to be a lack of a physical, but strong digital engagement between artists around the UK and artists, curators, gallerists and collectors from London. IKO will offer connections, using London as a catalyst for standout artists to grow nationwide as individuals and as part of an expanding community.
IKO started from
Oliver Durcan, Eleanor Pearch and Charlie Billingham meeting in 2016 on ‘Into the Wild’, an artist development program run by Chisenhale Art Place. The team quickly grew in 2017 with friends, Corey Bartle-Sanderson and Steven Gee completing the IKO team.