is an artist and curatorial collective based in London that has been operating since 2017. They collaborate with and commission early career artists and writers in the UK on curated group exhibitions, online projects and printed media content. Interested in the language of branding, IKO explores frictions between being an art collective and a commercial entity such as their IKO branded Amazon Dash button.

IKO is driven by allowing and encouraging new structures in consuming and framing art and ideas. They often tailor their projects with unconventional spaces such as ‘SET Capstan House’ (a 7th-floor office block) and ‘Subsidiary Projects’ (a living room in Vauxhall). Their projects reject the showroom model of presenting pre-made artwork in white rooms and work closely with project participants to collaborate and build projects in line with a collective goal.

In addition to their projects, IKO asks early career writers to create a ‘Deep Dive’ in response to their physical exhibitions. ‘Deep Dive’ is a text focused on creative ways of understanding and unravelling the ideas in IKO projects and extends beyond the press release or review.

IKO is run by:

Oliver Durcan
Corey Bartle-Sanderson
Steven Gee

contact@itskindof.com / @itskindofhardtoexplain

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